About Industry Bridge Group




Industry Bridge Group is a Consortium that is made up of a team of highly skilled professionals from various backgrounds, saddled with a mandate to Bridge the wide gap between the limited formal academic training and the dynamic skills and knowlege required by many employers in the telecommunication industry. hence, we are out to "bridge the academia and the industry", thereby preparing individuals for the highly competitive modern telecommunications industry.

We are also dedicated team of highly experienced trainers – each of whom have been trained and also have trained many other people across a wide range of programmes & vendors. Our highly versatile team can deliver training at all levels, and can make complex technical issues easily understandable to non-technical staff. In addition, we ensure that we deliver in-depth engineering training conceptually and practically. Our business trainers are specialists in their field, enabling them to address the key issues affecting the telecoms industry today.

We are passionate for youth empowerment, knowledge transfer, and building up dynamic personalities. Our focus is to ensure that training in information and communications technologies are not used just as  tools, but as a Platform for self development, empowerment and as avenues for becoming unique - offering trainees an edge over others.

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