mission & vision

ind misssion



“Bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia world, and delivering solutions that enhance our customers’ knowledge being”


  • o Bridge the knowledge gaps in the academia
  • To provide youth empowerment through trainings, mentoring and expert sensitivities
  • To provide technical support and specialist consultancy in Telecommunications
  • To organize seminars for the general public on key issues, emerging technologies in telecommunications and path to career guide.

                                                       CORE VALUES


We are determined and purpose driven about our cause .we have a naturaland undying enthusiasm that motives us to be in-tune and abreast of the latest discovery and development within our industry


We are highly innovative team deploying and applying better solutions that meet user requirements, unarticulated needs, reflecting dynamism and treads into existing technologies and future expectations

We shall exhibit the highest level of expertise, integrity and competence in relationship with our Clients, projecting in us a distinctive capacity of excellence .

We strongly believe in the making of leaders ,and mentoring has a key objectives or our organization .We train, mentor and consult to empower our clients to build up their self-capacities.

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