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Industry-Bridge Telecommunication is the telecoms arm of Industry-bridge group.

A training institute handled by current industry experts, aimed at bridging the gap between Academia and the Telecommunications Industry. To this end, our objective is to satisfy our trainee through the provision of quality services by our team of professionals working in a highly interactive, open and communication propelled environment, aimed at Stimulating creative enlightenment that meet the trainees’ empowerment to standing out for self-distinction.

GSM Radio and Transmission Network Planning and Optimization Workshop is a software based training that exposes our trainee to the use of various software for analyzing and optimizing GSM Radio Networks quality.

Pre-Requisites for Participants:Basic understanding of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is needed.

Who Should Attend / Target audience?This course is designed for passionate undergraduates, graduates, Corpers (NYSC) deep with passion for Telecommunications. It is also suitable for telecommunications professionals, transmission engineers and network planners.

Added Advantage: First hand encounter and connection with current Industry experts (Affordable price)


Training 1:    GSM Radio and Transmission Networks Fundamentals - Level 1

Training 2:    Radio Network Planning (Engineering) – Level 2

Training 3:    Radio Network Performance and Optimization (Engineering) –Level 3

Training 4:    Transmission Planning (Engineering) – Level 4

Training 5:    In-building Solution and Small Cell Design (Special Training) – Level 5

Course Objective: At the end of this course training the student will understand the basic concepts and essentials of Radio and Transmission network planning and optimization in all of its details in holistic terms, covering extensively the RF networks (its Radio Planning and Optimization aspects), The student be able to understand the radio network planning & optimization work-flow, RF capacity planning & coverage planning, radio network planning methodologies and processes, The trainee will be able to plan a RF network to be deployed distinctively, and at least optimize a designed operational RF network absolutely as an expert via use of professional software tools.

Key  Benefits (in summary):

The person who will attend this course,

  • He will be able to understand radio propagation concepts, GSM network components, RF protocols & radio network design components, radio signaling, among others.
  • He will understand the planning methodologies, holistic processes, and propagation mechanisms behind radio networks.
  • He will be able to plan a network and determine the number of sites to cover a given area/distance. He will understand traffic concepts and also be able to plan the appropriate capacity and TRX Configuration for different Traffic volume per site.
  • He will be able to analyze & monitor the performance level and quality of a radio network via defined network KPIs, and will have the knowledge to optimize and improve the network performance and quality.
  • He will be able to define & analyze the best site components via site Audits and verification activities.
  • He will understand the Coverage, Capacity, Interference & congestion optimizations with their applications


Training Materials available

Questions and Answers session

Awarding of Certificates

Prize and privileges for best student                                  


       Weekend Training program (Saturdays)

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